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  • Quality is something that comes to us naturally. We take extreme care of our product quality through meeting international stands for quality control right from the production cycle to packaging and the final delivery.

  • Our facility is divided into different segments for production, storage, packaging and offices to maintain the sanctity.

  • We choose high grade ingredients from selective market places and facilities to maintain our quality standards.

  • We maintain the highest standards in cleanliness at our facilities using the modern manufacturing facilities to ensure quality focus on all aspects of the production cycle.

  • We believe taste is all about 3S- Sweet, Salty and Sour. So we ensure just the right mix with our unique blending technique and our mukhwas are prepared by some of the most experienced hands in this business that have the ability of delivering great result through their craft skills.

  • We want to be there for you when you need us the most- at your home after a heavy Sunday lunch or dinner, at your office sharing a laughter with your colleagues, at a party when your friends have come to celebrate your success, at a wedding when you have invited the most important people to celebrate your togetherness. We will take care of all the emotions through the assortment of our tasty mouth fresheners.

  • So, let your taste buds experience the much needed freshness after every delightful meal.